Whose child is this?

Sometimes I simply have to wonder who has replaced my children with these strange robot children.

For instance, the last several weeks it has been HELL trying to get Stella ready for the day.  It's a constant takeyourmedicinetakeyourmedicinetakeyourmedicine because until she does take her medicine, there is no hope of her concentrating for more that 7.3 seconds which means no hope of her getting ready.  This morning, I had been doing the get ready mantra for a good hour.  I stepped out of the shower and shouted from the other room to ask Stella if she took her medicine.  Instead of giving excuses or yelling at me, she said:

"Oh, no I didn't, thank you for reminding me, mommy."

Upon hearing this, I had to sprint to the kitchen, clad only in a scrap of terry cloth, water droplets scattering everywhere, barking out, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH STELLA!"

Yeah, not really.

But I did stand there with my mouth hanging open a bit in wonderment.

Lest you think she is completely reformed, she reverted back to her old self later when at the grocery store she started randomly pulling things off of shelves and throwing them around the store.  Why? Well, she was in a manic Stella place.  There was nothing to do but get her out of there and hope it passed quickly, while wondering if she actually DID take those pills or whether it might be some sort of alien virus that controls her.

You never know.


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