It's hard to be Stella


Stella: WHY do I have to get dressed just to go to Sandis' soccer game?

Me: Stella, you have to wear clean clothes every day, regardless of where we go or what we do.

Stella: eyeroll with accompanying flounce

time passes....

Stella: MOMMY, you only said to get dressed, now Daddy wants me to comb my hair and brush my teeth!

Me: Stella, these are things you have to do everyday too, even if you don't leave the house.

Stella: WHY?!?

Me: steam coming out of ears

time passes...

Brian: Stella, the chickens want their scraps

Me: I told Stella to check the scrap bucket to see if there was anything in there

Stella: I did check it, you didn't say to take out to them

Brian: Did you think she was asking for educational reasons? Take it out to them

Stella: (in snotty voice, proving she did look at the damn thing) Well, good thing I waited because there is more in there now.  (flounces off)

And now we must leave for soccer.  Only time will tell how today will progress....


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