Homeschooling? Not this week!

Homeschooling is out this week, they are off learning elsewhere!

This week is church camp. (If I haven't mentioned before, we are Unitarian Universalists so this isn't vacation bible school.) Camp theme this year is world religions so my two girls are off learning about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam complete with a visit the Stupa at the Shambala Center.

The camp is really well done with lots of activities, free play, down time, crafts, speakers, songs and just plain fun. I love that they have lots of the youth from the church as counselors to play with, advise, keep track of and enjoy all the kids. I love all the work the Religious Education director puts into the program. I love all the fun learning that happens. And, as a bonus, I love the mommy-time I get this week. It is truly a great experience all around.


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