Oh, BTW, those teacher gifts?

Yeah, those teacher gifts I was planning to make for the girl's quasi-school's teachers/administrators, totally didn't happen. I didn't even THINK about them until I was there on the last day and someone came in with home baked bread as gifts. Damn it, I so meant to do it. I know it's an excuse, but here it is: I started a new job the week before the end of school. I was so caught up in the training classes and the schedule and how to get there and what to do with the kids and the new, more hectic pace of life that I totally spaced out the teacher's gifts. So, sorry quasi-school's teachers, I feel bad :(

And while I'm on the topic of things-I-want-to-do-but-never-find-the-time-to-do, I'm think of doing Christmas in July cards this year. Yep, sending out Christmas cards and letter in July. I never, never, never can make the time to do them in November/December. Besides the usual holiday things, we have 3 birthdays in our immediate family and 8 more in extended family in that time frame. It's just too much. July has 1 birthday in our extended family, the 4th and nothing else. Seems like a good month to take on the cards.


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