2013 sucks, I want a do over

It's only January 10th and already I hate 2013.  Loathe it, actually.  2013, DIAF already!

I thought I would like 2013 because, well, I like the number 13.  And besides, what's not to like about a shiny, fresh new year?

Here's what's wrong, things have gone to hell.

Besides the things I've already blogged about, Tuesday while working  I locked my keys in the car and then ran out of battery in my camera, the replacement battery mysteriously absent from my bag.

Minor inconvenience in the scope of my year so far.  

Wednesday I found out that several friends are jumping ship from Loveland Options at the end of the year (some possibly sooner.)  They have very good reasons to do so, the administration is disorganized and lacking in communication skills, always has been, probably always will be.  Still, it leaves me in the awkward position of needing to decide what to do.  On one hand:
  • I don't like the non-communication and disorganization
  • they personally insulted a friend by not responding to her email request for information (which was not rude or anything of that nature.)  I would like to be loyal and leave with her but, well, there's the "other hand" further down, keep reading.
  • Sandis' best friend is one of the ones moving on from Loveland.  
  • If we stay, we'll be there with very few friends, kid or adult, and a super crappy location.  
  • The new policy that started this irks me, but that's a whole different rant

On the other hand:
  • I'm not thrilled with FtC Options either for various reasons and I don't really want to put the kids there.  I wouldn't be happy there either.
  • the kids freaking love, LOVE Options as it is.  
  • Stella has said that she does NOT want to go anywhere else.  
  • Sandis refuses to talk about it and says that I should just decide for her.  

On to Thursday.  What more could happen, right?

Don't say that, the universe takes it as a challenge.

Went to the doc before Christmas because I was having headaches, swollen lymph nodes, pain in my jaw and teeth.  Was put on antibiotics and that cleared up.  Fast forward to lovely 2013 and my tooth pain came back.  Nothing crazy, just a dull ache.  Went to the dentist today and will probably need a root canal.  Have another appointment tomorrow with a endodontist just to be sure. [Note: no, spell check, I do not mean tendonitis.]  I really don't mind the procedure so much as the cost of the damn thing.  Not that I love being drilled, it's just that I've been through it before and I can deal.  The whole thing pisses me off because I have already paid enough damn money on my teeth, and that tooth in particular.  It has a crown, why does the stupid nerve have die? And why when a nerve dies does it hurt so much? Shouldn't there be a marked lack of feeling if there is a dead nerve? And why do I have so many dental problems when BC (before children) I had not. one. single. cavity.

Also found out about some fun scheduling conflicts today.  Stella's 4H dance performance in June? Same day as Brian's big race in Wyoming.  Yes we were thinking we could go camping in South Dakota afterwards.  Guess that's not going to work out. The weekend we scheduled to go on our weekend in Santa Fe? Another big 4H event that they are NOT going to be happy we're going to miss.  Shit.  I planned that trip around the weekend the club leader said the event would be, but, she was wrong and now I'm in the awkward position of missing the one thing we aren't allowed to miss.  Fuck.

Ok Friday, I might not be ready for you.  Can you go easy on me? Please?

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