Pets in, pets out - Update

This morning I was lying in bed and Sandis came in, said, "come see," and walked out.  I followed her to the living room where I found a fish tank with no water.  No water.

I told her to get a bowl of water, which she did.  I squirted in some water conditioner and put in the first fish, The Doctor.  He started swimming.  I couldn't find the other two.  I started frantically pulling decorations out of the tank.  I couldn't find them.  Finally I saw the other two in a crumpled pile in the back.  I pulled them out and put them in the bowl.  They were floating.

I was bawling.

I started the massive cleanup.  Sandis was a huge help.  She did whatever I asked without question.  We soaked up gallons of water off the floor with towels.  Ran loads of fish water towel laundry.  The fish tank was on our cubby hole bookshelf.  Nine cubes full of books, games, craft supplies, etc.  The shelves had to be emptied, things salvaged, things beyond salvaging thrown away.  Once the bookshelf was emptied, it had to be moved so the floor under it could be dried.  This necessitated moving a bunch of other things so the bookshelf had somewhere to go.  It was a process.

During all of this, Stella got up.  We told her Bob had died but when she went to check on her, she was not dead! Bob made a miraculous recovery and as of tonight is doing just fine in the bowl with The Doctor.  TARDIS did not recover and was buried this afternoon by the girls.  :(

Downstairs from the water mishap, the ceiling is damp and some water dripped through.  On to my scrapbooks.  Of course.  Not too much but I haven't surveyed the damage yet as I just can't face it.  I don't think it's bad but still, I can't look yet.

Once everything was moved, I had the brilliant idea to paint the wall.  Yes, I wanted to paint the living room anyway and since the bookshelf/fish tank combo was moved away from the wall, why not?! Ok, lots of reasons why NOT but I did think it would be a total PITA to do it all again later. 

So, now we have one chocolate brown wall in our living room.  Tonight we bought some blue for the other three walls and will tackle that soon.

The floor is still drying. We have a new fish tank.  When Brian moved the gravel over he found the bottom of our tank was cracked diagonally.  Insane! I've never had a tank crack or leak before.  The time it does happen, it really does it up well.  Sheesh! In any case, tomorrow we should be able to put things back together.  Maybe start painting the other three walls. 

Maybe just sip alcoholic beverages and hope nothing else goes to hell.

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  • Michelle | January 4, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    Well, it could be could have the nasty flu we have here on top of all of it....That would make it worse....I'm still sorry for your losses this week! Michelle

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