New Year's Resolutions. Or not?

I was ruminating on New Year's Resolutions.  Obviously, with the way my year went in 2013, I am planning no resolution, no specific word of guidance.  That was a flaming failure for 2013 that I am in no hurry to repeat.

Still, I think about things I'd like to change in my life on this day of resolutions.  I want a clean house.  To weigh less.  To be in shape again.  To finally get those family pictures on the wall.

Then I think, what if people decided instead of choosing a resolution of change, like weight loss or organization, they chose an area of their life to accept as is? What if instead of picking an space to fix, you pick a space to embrace? So you would choose instead to accept your body or your messy house.  I would love it if I could embrace my messy house!

At that point though, I wondered if that would be any easier? I mean, how difficult is it to love your faults?! I imagine those reverse-resolutions would be abandoned just as quickly, with just as much guilt.

So I'm going with my resolutions that I posted on FB yesterday, "...with the way last year went, I'm not willing to do anything too daring this year. Just going to take it as it comes and roll with it."  I imagine that will be difficult enough for me.

But I still want to get those photos up, dammit.


  • April | January 1, 2014 at 11:54 PM

    I embrace you just as you are!
    And we should go skating together. :-) I saw an ad at EPIC for a beginning women's hockey team that made me wonder if I could gather the energy for that some year.

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