Rabbit weddings, it's a thing

I was in the shower when Sandis came running into the bathroom. "Mommy, we need the rabbit costumes," she claimed.

Now you may be wondering why we have rabbit costumes. Good question. Well, there is a "dress-a-bunny" costume at the county fair.  Of course, my girls would participate.  Of course.  Post-Halloween seemed a good time to pick up costumes for the aforementioned competition, and so we did.

Anyway, Sandis wanted the costumes.  I asked why, because, well, the contest is nine months off so it seemed just a bit early to dress the rabbits.

"Because," she answered, "Quetzl is getting married."

"Um, so your rabbit is getting married and he needs a dinosaur costume?" I inquired.

She replied, "Well, that's all we have."

So, rabbit weddings.  It seems they proceed as follows:

1. Put all rabbits on trampoline in their nest boxes

2. Try and keep rabbits in nest boxes (note, Harn is against this part)

3. Dress boy rabbit who is getting married as a dinosaur

4. Dress girl rabbit who is getting married as a cheerleader

5. Dress baby rabbits in cheer poms, possibly bridesmaids? Nope, I've been told they are flower girls.  Flower girls who would EAT the flowers.

6. Turn dressed rabbits in nest boxes towards each other and take pictures

7. Say no actual words of marriage binding

This occupied an entire afternoon, a good day for everyone except the rabbit being dressed as they are kind of against that while it is happening.  After dressed, they seem quite oblivious, amazingly enough.

Rabbit weddings, what next?


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