Best part of two broken legs

Obviously, there are drawbacks to having two broken ankles, but there are upsides too.  Really, there are!

  • You can watch the Olympics.  As much as you want.  If your child whines and thrashes about on the floor in obvious agony over the television choices, you tell her, "two broken legs!"
  • No wearing a bra.  Or real pants.  Or anything else you don't want to wear.  The hardship of the injury is enough to excuse any clothing choices, IMO.
  • You get to say things like, "two broken legs and STILL I am the only one who can put toilet paper in the bathroom"
  • Naps
  • Making children fetch you things and they can't complain.  At all.
  • Someone else has to drive your children to their 80,000 activities.  Sure, you still have to arrange it all, but you don't have to do the actual driving.  And your husband is the one who has to get up at 5am to drive 2 hours to take your daughter to the rabbit judging meet in Kiowa and not get home until 5:30pm.  Thanks Honey!
  • Sleeping in, because, where are you going to go? Nowhere, that's where.  
  • Friends.  You realize how many friends you have and how much they care about you.  They run your errands, bring you food, tote your kids around, visit you, and call or email to check on you.  I love you guys :)


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