Today my good friend has taken the children (thank you 1 million, Lisa.)  Not before their lizard puked on me, of course, because I wouldn't want a totally kid-free kind of day.  Still, I have a day all to myself.

I told Brian last night, "I have a day all to myself tomorrow, I can do anything I want!"

Anything I want?

I can do anything I want as long as it's in my house.  Well, not downstairs.  Or requiring a trip to the garage.  Or in the backyard.  Or requiring a foray into the kid-trashed sewing room with its many hazards.

And nothing that would require me to be on my feet too much.  Or involving climbing up on something or tippy toes, like say, taking down that f@#king Christmas tree.  Yes, it is still there.  Waiting for Easter? Maybe.

And no carrying things or lifting, so no cleaning out and removing the empty fish tank or vacuuming the floor that I can no longer see properly due to dog hair and mud.

And not too much walking.

But, I can read or knit or watch tv or surf the internet or nap.  The things I've been doing every day for nearly four weeks, only without having to deal with kids bickering or not wanting to study or clean.  And I can watch adult-only tv shows.

No, not porn, Dexter.


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