Too many pets? Inconceivable!


Brian thinks that at one point I had trimmed the pets back to a reasonable number.  This was probably after I had children and a dog that wanted to eat small furry pets so we only had 2 dogs. That would be Brian's perfect pet scenario, 2 dogs.

Currently we have, in no particular order:

  • 2 dogs
  • 3 goldfish (these are Brian's fault, BTW.  Well, Brian and the 4H carnival)
  • 1 blue tongued skink
  • 6 chickens
  • 25 rabbits (5 of which are permanent residents)
  • 2 hedgehogs
  • a few beetles hatched from "pet mealworms" brought home from quasischool

I could see more in our future.  Namely a few pullets to replace some older hens and maybe another rabbit breed.  The kids have chosen English lops.  If they win a meat pen at the fair, then they can get another rabbit breed.  Need to pay for those new hutches somehow, right?  :)


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