The Evil Rolling Head

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All of our rabbits are named after gods and goddesses.  It's a nice because there is a theme and yet, practically unlimited names.

This morning the girls decided to name some of the babies who are going to the show in May.  In order to choose the perfect name, we turn to  The girls started with Persephone, Freya, Athena, normal goddess names.  While naming these does, one naughty bunny spent her time chewing on my shirt, gnawing on the carpet, running around the room like a possessed idiot.  This rabbit, she has been named Ulupoka, the evil rolling head:

An evil rolling head.
In the very beginning the Gods were involved in power struggles and wars. ULUPOKA got his head cut off in a battle and it fell to Earth. But it could not die as it was a Godhead — but not a good one. He had got the chop for a very good reason. He was evil.
Since then the head has rolled around doing nasty things like biting the feet of sleeping men. This means they will never rise again.

I may have to keep her just because her name makes me laugh every time I hear it.

As for our other rabbits, we have:

  • Harn (senior doe) - Norse goddess of flax
  • Mayahuel (senior doe) - Aztec goddess of tequila
  • Yhi (senior doe) - Australian creation goddess who is bad at anatomy, hence the strange creatures down under
  • Quetzlcoatl (senior buck) - Aztec feathered serpent god of, among other things, chocolate and the cosmos
  • Radegast (senior buck) - Slavic god of beer, hospitality, and sound advice
  • Zosim (intermediate buck) - Slavic god of mead, bees, and bawdy songs (because what else would come from the god of beer mating with the goddess of tequila?)
  • Athena (junior doe) - Greek goddess of war
  • Persephone (junior doe) - beautiful Greek part-time goddess of the underworld
  • Freya (junior doe) - Norse warrior goddess of love and fertility
  • Chloris (junior doe) - Greek goddess of spring flowers


  • Ulupoka (junior doe) - an evil rolling head

FYI: Only the seniors and 1-2 junior does will be staying in the herd after the May show. 


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