We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this important annoucement

This isn't about homeschool, hence the title. This is about Stella and her anxiety. She goes in and out of periods where she cannot be anywhere without one of her parents present. Last week's camp was one of these periods.

The girls were both enrolled in CSU Sports Camps. Sandis went last year for soccer and loved it so this year we spent some of our tax refund check on camp for both of them, soccer for Sandis, music and movement for Stella. They were both so excited to go. Even when I dropped Stella off the 1st day, she happily went with her class. I asked for a hug and she seemed bothered to give it to me. I figured we were good to go.

Then Brian picked them up that evening and was told by numerous people that Stella had a rough day. She would cry for momma whenever there was a break in the action. She even cried at lunch when she was with her sister.

We talked to her about it. We devised a plan with her. 1) we would talk with the counselors and she could be their helper during breaks to keep busy, 2) she could wait with her sister at the end of the day, 3) she could sleep with mommy so she could have plenty of mommy time that week, 4) blatant bribery - she got ice-cream every day she made it through camp.

It had limited success. I spent most of Tuesday at the camp. Wednesday she was on her own and it was shaky, but ok. Thursday she was so upset she threw up so I pulled her that day. Friday she had to make it through the morning without me, which she did with minimal tears, and I spent the afternoon at camp.

Far from a restful week for the parents. Far from an easy week for Stella. But, she had to push through it some because 1) we've done this multiple times before, 2) we've talked with her therapist and her advice is that Stella needs to do it and see that she can, in a safe way like this, 3) Stella LOVED the camp, she just didn't want to do it alone.

There are lots of theories as to where the anxiety comes from, very few on how to effectively deal with it. A handful of ideas as to from where it stems. And of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Stella. She intense, in all the wonderful and not-so-wonderful interpretations of the word. We love her dearly. We want her to be happy. We're trying, Stella, we're really trying to help you any way we can. I hope you understand that.


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