Broken Promises


Ok, maybe "promise" is too strong a word for what I have broken.  I made decisions with forethought and research and then, BAM, changed my mind.  Not once, but twice this week.  It's not something I am used to doing. I honor my commitments.  I stand by my decisions.  I cut and run?

The first switch was from Fort Collins to Loveland Options.  You see, the kids go to quasischool one day a week.  The quasischool program is run out of Aurora Public Schools with branches all around the front range.  Well, some of the local school districts decided they wanted that money (the school running the quasischool gets half-time funding for kids they have one day a week.)  Enter FtC and Loveland school districts to take control of their respective quasischool.

I decided to stick with FtC.  I figured there would be growing pains but I figured we could hang with it and make it work.  Their friends are in FtC, they have a great location (former school so a real gym,) the person running it is soliciting information from the parents (a good sign.)

Then the schedule comes out.  Um, not so great FtC.  I don't mind the 4 classes instead of 6 - they can go more in depth, that's ok.  But the actual choices are just so, well, blah.  I check out Loveland's classes. There are some great choices there.  Plus, Loveland left the program as it was so same teachers, same structure.  I talk to the kids.  Even if none of their friends switched over, they want to go to Loveland (not to worry, many of their friends are switching.)  Loveland it is.

I do feel like I betrayed FtC.  I went to their meetings, helped on committees, gave feedback and then bailed.  But I guess they didn't give me the product I was expecting.  I wish them well, but it's not for us.

Second switch, Girl Scouts.  I was going to drop leading GS next year, then I didn't.  My thought process was that with combined troops and a co-leader, it would be doable.  Plus my girls love it.  But, after another questionable campout (which I did not attend, thanks to influenza,) I was waivering on my decision.  I am tired of dealing with the "mean girls" situations that repeatedly come up in this group of girls.  I went back and forth in my mind.  I solicited opinions of others I trust (whose opinions were mixed.)  Then, I went to the source, I asked the girls. 

Their first reaction, "I want to keep doing Girl Scouts!"  I reminded them that at least 4 girls are going to public school next year and will be dropping out.  Then I told them if they dropped GS, they could probably do 4H and all of the choices that would offer.  Then I listened.  Sandis jumped off the GS bandwagon fast, fast, fast.  4H means dog training and that's what she really wants to do.  Stella, well, she only has 1 friend left in GS and this is someone she sees on a regular basis without GS. 

So, I get to drop the drama and the responsibility.  But, I went back on my promise to lead for another year.  I guess, I can live with that, though it's a bit stressful to me.  I'm not one to change my mind and leave someone else in a lurch.  Plus the girls have been doing this for 5 years so it's a little sad to drop it. Still, I am standing by our decision, Girl Scouts is done for us.

Both choices, difficult.  Both choices, the best decision for our family.  Still a bit conflicted about it, but I'm not changing my mind again.


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