What Now?


I have nothing to write about.  Life is humming along.  Kids are doing schoolish things and non-schoolish things, both of which create mess and chaos in my house.  And yard.  They also do activities which suck the time right out of our days, the latest of which is reading to dogs.  Yes, we drive into the Windsor library so my children who are proficient readers of young adult chapter books can read picture books to uninterested dogs who sleep through the whole ordeal.  The idea is that therapy dogs get time with lots of people, kids get to perfect their reading skills.  For my kids, the idea is that they get to pet new dogs. 

As a family we planted two trays full of seeds which will most likely die before they make it outside.  The ones that survive to see the great outdoors will likely die soon after.  Then, I will go and purchase a few plants at the grocery store or greenhouse which may or may not survive, but will bear little to no fruit and I will end up at the farmer's market getting a bag of veggies for $10 from Miller Farms.  That's how my gardening goes.  Every. Single. Year.  You'd think I'd learn but I'm so hopeful in the springtime. 

My life marches on as well.  I fail miserably at keeping the house picked up.  I've done no organizing of my house.  Oh wait, I DID go through all the kids' books and take seven, yes seven, boxes to the used book store.  No word yet as to how much credit we'll get from them.  Can you believe I actually have EMPTY shelves on a bookcase? It's unheard of! Even in our house where we have at least ten bookcases.

Um, what else...work.  Yes, I've done work! And sleep.  I'm really good at sleeping.  Especially when I try and read Out of Oz.  The politics of the land of Oz is not captivating to me.  I've read the first three books in the series so I feel I MUST finish this one as well but <whine> it's to hard to get through.  It's so boring </whine>  When I read the Outlander series or the Hunger Games series, I can stay up until midnight or 1am reading.  This tome has me drifting off before the Woot! deal changes (11pm for you non-Woot! aficionados.)  Do I give up or slog onward? So far, I keep plodding along but the Outlander book #7 that I downloaded before I read the Hunger Games is calling to me from my Nook. 

Tomorrow the plan is to travel to Plumb Farm in Greeley for Baby Animal Days.  When working in Greeley one day I just happened to drive by and see a big sign about this.  When I next stopped, I wrote down the farm's name and then Googled it when I got home.  The girls are so excited to see baby this, that and the other, but especially pigs (for Stella) and ducks (for Sandis.)  After that, we'll go over to the Windsor library, not to read to dogs, but to check out their book sale (which we found out about while reading to dogs.)  I do have empty shelves, I should probably fill them up, right?

Then what? More work for me.  And Saturday is soccer, as always.  Sunday is free day at the Botanical Gardens in Denver so we may head down there.  Usually I avoid free days like the plague, but I'm thinking early spring in the Botanical Gardens won't be as bad as say, free day at the Zoo when school's out, right? I'm hoping.


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