What on earth have you been doing?!

We've entered Hallowbirthdaymas season so we are busy as hell.  I do try and keep downtime in our lives but, well, that doesn't always work out.  What have we been up to this October?  Here are the highlights, in no particular order:

  • Joined a new 4H club.  Meets once a month, on Sundays, at the Ranch.  Perfect time and location for us.  
  • Started dance with aforementioned 4H club for Stella.  They will practice weekly and perform in June (and perhaps other times but that's their county fair judging.)
  • Ended soccer for Sandis, but up until last week that was thrice weekly
  • Continue having pony lessons with our friend for Stella (lessons are in exchange for us watching their animals when they go out of town.)
  • Acquired our first rabbit.  We'll be raising rabbits to show and selling the extras for meat (or giving them back to Sue M. for meat.)
  • Knitting up a storm because my friend Shanna talked me into doing the Harry Potter Knitting House Cup.  One project/month minimum.  Started and completed within the month.  It's been fun.  Really, it is :)
  • Visited a corn maze.
  • Had a sick kid and husband
  • Had a friend's kids for the weekend.
  • Went to pumpkin carving night at church (one of the UU High Holy Days)
  • Saw Nancy Drew play that our friend was in
  • Worked (me)
  • Did school work (kids) - math, writing, chemistry, ancient civ and Options
  • Went to two birthday parties
  • Had a dog diagnosed with lymphoma
  • Lost half the power to our house and have been making due without washer/dryer and stove/oven. (they are coming FRIDAY to fix it, finally)
  • Started teaching 8th grade OWL again.
  • Cleaned the entire garage and the children's room (me)
  • Went to family fun night at church

I think that's about it.  I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.  After all, I have children and therefore my brain is only half capacity on a GOOD day.  And you only get one good day a month.  It's in the Having Children Handbook.  I'd look up which day is the good day this month but I seem to have misplaced my Handbook....

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