Out of the mouths of babes...

My children go to quasi-school where yesterday they apparently held mock presidential elections.  Being that this is a "school" attended by homeschoolers, it is generally a conservative crowd.  That is why it is especially nice interesting terrifying when your eight year old comes home to tell you not only did she vote for Obama, but exclaimed to all in hearing range, "Paul Ryan? My mom wants to punch him in the face!"

Ok, statement is true, but not one I generally share with those outside a close knit circle of friends.  After all, people I know support various candidates this election cycle, and I respect that.  I don't, however, respect Paul Ryan in the slightest.  I do think he is a giant douche canoe and does deserve to be punched in the face.  Not that I would ever actually punch anyone, face or elsewhere.  Even those as deserving as our vice presidental hopeful.

This concludes my election coverage for 2012.

This is your friendly reminder to vote. All you do is click, which takes you to the website where you then do nothing. Or you can do something, but you don't have to do something. It's easy. Thanks :)


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