Meanest mommy EVER

I'm sure all you moms out there have earned the "Meanest Mommy in the WORLD" award before.  Probably on numerous occasions.  Today I earned it, allegedly.  I should think I would have had to do MUCH worse than I did to earn The Award.  Still, The Award is subjective and today the subject was being peeled away from computer games, not torn away from some arduous task, so that probably contributed to her state of mind when handing out The Award. 

How did I receive today's Award?

Well, it's cold outside.  Below freezing cold.  Chicken-water-in-a-heated-bowl-had-a-skim-of-ice cold.  Because of this cold, I had been out there this morning checking on the sister wives and giving them some hot oatmeal for a warm-up treat when I noticed the nest boxes could use some more straw.  I then asked Stella, curator of chickens, to fill them up.


I was told it was cold out.  The chickens were fine.  They liked it that way.  Chickens huddled together anyway so they'd be fine.  Which did I want, mom-my, cold chickens or a cold daughter? When I told said daughter that she could, gasp, put shoes on her bare feet and wear a coat when outside, I was answered with a flounce.

And out she went, sans shoes or coat, to fill the boxes with straw.  Then she sat outside on the ground and played with the chickens for awhile.  In the cold.  Barefoot.  sigh.

Now she is back inside, incident and Award forgotten, playing with her ancient praying mantis that has, at most, days to live.  Poor old girl is dying - can't eat, moving is effort.  She laid her eggs a good month ago, she is spent.  Truly an old wise woman by praying mantis standards.  Still, Stella is sad that her little friend is leaving.  It's like Wilbur and Charlotte only Stella knew this day would come.

I am no longer the Meanest Mommy.  I am the mommy who comforts the sad little girl and lets her tote her dying insect around the house everywhere she goes.

I have so many mommy hats it is hard to keep track of them all.  I need a huge hat rack.  Or maybe just a fedora where I could tuck a different title under the band for each occasion.  Then I would know who I was and who I was supposed to be at any given moment just by looking at the hat.

Think that would work?

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