OMG, I need a nap!

We have been taking care of three housefuls of dogs, cats, horses, ponies and chickens besides our own.  Well, the horses, ponies, chickens and some of the cats are not technically in houses, but still, they want care too.  In addition, we have an extra dog at our house to go with our 2 dogs, 7 chickens, 1 mouse and 2 rabbits (and soon to be 2 fish too.)  And there might have been some recent holiday celebrations? That required preparation and attending events? Maybe?

Yeah, I'm tired.

To care for the various menagerie, we have to get up and out the door by 7:45am.  You realize that I don't usually get up until 9am right? And no, I can't just go to bed earlier.  It doesn't work.  I can't go to sleep before 11pm-ish. 

So in the afternoon, between twice daily circuits about town, I try to rest on the couch.  The dogs are quite sure this is NOT a good idea.  The extra dog and Tonks think that they should wrestle and play and lick my face.  Yeah, fun.  And if they aren't successful at keeping me awake, I have children.  My favorite question was, "mommy, I just wanted to check if we can have fudge later."  No, they couldn't have waited until LATER to ask that.  Silly question.

I am becoming more and more sleep deprived and more and more grouchy.  Not too bad, just a bit short tempered.  I'm looking forward to the day when I get my vacation and someone else watches my pets.

Hopefully on this vacation, the children are elsewhere too so that I don't have to be woken up to "mommy, can I use 99 cents to buy thestupidestappever?"

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