Activate and Defy


The older child is surly and disagreeable.  Anything you ask is unreasonable, even if that is getting on her soccer gear for her soccer practice.  She is constantly exasperated by her mother, father and sister.  It doesn't matter what we do, we are just weird and embarrassing. We talk about subjects that shouldn't be talked about, we eat foods that are disgusting, we insist she take showers.  It's really a pretty awful life for her. 

I thought this lovely behavior was due to hormones and the close proximity to teenage-dom.  But no.  It's this:

We gave her the water that activates the defy mechanism! What were we thinking! And usually I read labels so carefully.  sigh. 

I'll have to look for the antidote (which I believe will work in approximately 10 years.)


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Fine print
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**     - not true
***   - totally NOT a coincidence
**** - your body won't care at all.  Thanks will not be forthcoming.


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