Razor blades. In the soap. For real! Well, not really.

Several weeks ago, Stella walks into the living room where her father and I are sitting.  She indignantly announces, in a loud, venomous voice, "Daddy! You cannot put razor blades in the soap! When you wash your hands, you get scratched!"

There was silence. 
There was literal jaw dropping.

Recovering slightly, I said, "Honey, no one put razor blades in the soap.  No one would ever, ever do that.  Why would you say that? Did you get cut washing your hands?"

She responded, "No, but I could have been!" And flounced off.

I went to the bathroom to investigate the slicing soap and found this:

It was a dangerous soap that Stella herself had made at the UU Craft Extravaganza last December.  A plastic dinosaur in melt & pour soap whose tail had escaped from its sudsy confines and scratched my child, leading her to believe that her parents had put razor blades into the soap.

Sometimes, just sometimes, having your child be an outside-the-box thinker, is not a good thing.


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