How to organize plastic lids, kind of.

I have solved the organizing nightmare of plastic lids!

This has been a problem for ages.  First it was Tupperware.  Those plastic containers with lids you had to go to home parties to obtain.  They would last a lifetime but cost a fortune.  Of course, seeing the dollar signs, companies couldn't help but try and make cheaper, more available alternatives.  One of these was Pop-top Storables.  We had these.  And they had the ingenious little thingie on their lid that if you lined it up with the bowl's handle you could press down and pop the lid right off! Because, as you know, it's so difficult to get the lid off a plastic bowl, right?

Yes, we still have some of these lovelies even though when I searched online for a photo of them, the only thing I found was a patent that expired in the 80's.  The 1980's.  30+ years ago.  And we still have some.

Then we moved to the disposable plastic bowls in the 90's.  Even cheaper! Have an even shorter life! Even more fucking lids! Every damn time you bought new bowls, they had "improved" them and the lid design was a wee bit different.  So your 2 cup bowls that looked the same had different sized lids.  But the same color as before with only a slightly different size so that you couldn't tell it was the wrong one until you put it on, it didn't fit and now needed to be washed. Yeah!

All of these lids were a nightmare.  We had lids from the 80's through today.  They were crammed into two drawers.  There were so many that they would spill out and every couple months we'd have to remove the drawers to dig underneath them for the 30 or so lids that escaped.  The best part? Probably half of these lids no longer had the matching bottom but you could never find the top for the bottom you were using.  AHHHHH!

I'd had enough of the mess and annoyance and the general use of plastic.  I bagged up all of our plastic bowls and lids (minus the few Brian refused to give up.)  I also bagged up all our glasses and cups, except a few coffee cups.  

They've all been replaced by Mason jars.  Good for storage and drinking.  Reusable until broken (won't wear out.)  Only 2 sizes of lids, wide mouth and regular.  All lids fit reasonably in ONE small drawer. 

1/2 pint, pint and quart jars for storage

1/2 gallon jars for soups and ice tea.  And look, and empty shelf.  And the coffee supplies on the bottom shelf instead of the top.  Why did we put the thing we use daily in the most inconvenient spot? No idea.

Pints and 1/2 pints

Pints for drinking with coffee cups above

Almost empty cupboard! Our cupboards were all bursting before.
And look, they're good for dry storage too.  Quinoa in this one.

And because they wandered into the kitchen when I was taking pictures of the cupboards, here are some bonus pictures of the girls with the chicks.  The chicks are 7+ weeks old now.  (Note to Brian, they were taking them outside and paused for a photo op, they weren't playing upstairs.)


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