I've got a new drug


Vicodin is my newest friend.  Why? Well, a tooth of mine that has both crown and root canal was acting up. Went to the dentist today and found out that the root canal was drilled too deeply or something like that.  Now part of the filling is coming out of the bottom of where the roots used to be and my jaw is all inflamed and swollen.  To fix it, (stop reading now if you are squeamish) they will peel back the gums and drill in through the side of my jaw, clean out all the problem, then refill the root area from the bottom.  Well, that sure sounds like fun.

I have to go to a specialist for this new torture and money sink, so until I can get in there, I have Vicodin to keep me company.  I blame all misspellings, bad grammar, and other errors in this post, and life in general, on Vicodin for the foreseeable future.


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