Books, books and more books!

Can I just say that our family is in love with books? We love to read! It is a past-time. A passion. An obsession. I am always on the look out for the next book to add to my to-read list, all the while wondering how I will ever get to the end of that list, especially when I have to go back and re-read some incredible book that I love. Reading can open new worlds, broaden horizons, find answers, even find new questions.

Brian didn't use to be much of a reader. He read non-fiction that was related to his latest interest but that was about all. Then he discovered Lord of the Rings. He wanted to read those before he saw the movies so he did, and another reading fanatic was born.

The girls are my daughters in the reading department. I knew Sandis was truly my child when she was reading in the car, walked into the house still reading and plopped into a chair, unseeing, because her eyes were still glued to the page. I think she was about 6 yrs old then. Stella followed suit.

They are their own people though. Sandis can read a book and not care about the sequels. What?! How can you not know what happened?! She can also read three fourths of a book and then stop, uninterested. Even a book that she likes! Not sure how to do that. Still, not including 2 long chapter books 75% finished, and various books we forgot and didn't list, she read 78 books during her quasi-school year.

Stella can read a stack of short chapter books or picture books one after another for hours, but don't ask her to read anything too long, she can't do it. I think the anticipation of how long it would take might intimidate her. It certainly isn't the language, she can read pages out of Harry Potter, but the book itself intimidates her. I think it is a reading stage/level where they need to have X amount of white space/pictures on a page. I'm not going to argue because in the quasi-school, her reading total was 90 books, and yes, I'm sure we missed some.

My own reading lists I've added as sidebar widgets to the blog. I try and keep up with my reading on GoodReads. I like putting in the books I've read and keeping them there rather than on my shelf. Takes up so much less room and no dusting! I also love keeping a list of books I want to read. It's all in one place and not a piece of paper I need to keep track of. If you use GoodReads too, you can add me as a friend :)

Happy reading everyone!


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