Ok, besides the trampoline

We did do some things this week besides trampoline jumping:

They also managed to go to their quasi-school and sign up for classes for next year. They were pretty excited to have so many choices. If they get the ones they want, it will be:
Sandis: geoblaze (a cross between gps and geography, kind of?), science including chemistry, cooking, digital storytelling, art and ancient civilizations
Stella: music/drama, cooking, art, PE, Spanish and acting

I decided they need to do more writing so I went to the new Knowledge Bound location in Windsor and got Silly Starters Write-Abouts, Types of Writing and Banish Boring Words. I'm holding off on the writing and the chemistry until after quasi-school ends in a couple weeks.

They also did the regular math, spelling, grammar, quasi-school, archery (for Sandis), soccer (also for Sandis), group (for Stella), running (also for Stella) and, of course, reading and crafts. To round out the week, we had a game day and a trip to the dentist.

As a side note, I got a new job. I'll be starting at the Miramont next week in housekeeping. It will be a few evenings a week plus a Saturday morning. One perk is a Miramont membership :) And, at the interview they said I am way over qualified and that they are always looking for managers if I can prove myself. I'm not sure I want to be a manager, but it's nice that someone notices my potential. ;)


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