Unschooling happening daily

While I do make the girls do some school work, they manage to learn and do things on their own constantly. Some of their unschooling:
  1. Sandis love, love, loves watching nature/science shows. History of a national park, how to build a bridge, life cycle of a honey bee...she's in!
  2. Both girls decided to go outside and collect leaves. They then made rubbings of the leaves affixing the leaves next to the rubbings in a book of their own making.
  3. Math is second nature to them. They are constantly figuring out how much it would cost to get 4 ears of corn for our family for dinner. What percent of their allowance they need to save for how long to buy X. It's fun to see
  4. Reading. Ok, the summer library reading program has turned this into a time thing for them that is driving me CRAZY, but even without that, they love to read (see prev posts)
  5. Their in-depth knowledge of how to care for the hamster, the bettas and the corn earworm. Once a pet enters the house, they research it intensely and then explain how we must care for it, until you want to scream. But, you don't scream, you admire the enthusiasm ;)
  6. Cooking, they both love it.
  7. They are constantly writing books, restaurant menus, their stuffed toy's interests and many other things. I do wish their hand writing improved a bit more and that they would write paragraphs too, but they are getting there.
  8. Being active - they are constantly outside jumping on the trampoline, riding their bikes, running around. I'm so glad they like doing that and I don't have to force them away from their computers/tv.
I'm sure there is more but that's all I can think of at the moment. Writing it all down sure makes it seem more real and lessens the stress I feel (you know, the "are we behind" and "shouldn't we be doing more" questions that always pop-up unbidden.)


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