My niece had her baby today. A healthy girl. Mom & baby are doing well. Adoptive parents are rooming in at the hospital with the baby.

I am happy for a new baby being born, a family who has so wanted children finally having one. But I am also sad thinking about what my 16yr old niece must be going through. I know this was her choice, but no matter what choice she made, this is a tough, tough day for her.

We aren't close, my niece and I. We are separated by distance, religion, family values...but I still wish I could be there for her physically and emotionally. Let her know that it's ok no matter what she's feeling. It's ok if those feelings change over time. But there is no way to be there for her. The things that are being told to her by those closest to her will over-ride what I say because I'm not there on a daily basis. Because I'm the one with all those weird (ie wrong) liberal ideas (about everything, pretty much.)

Stella told me today that she hopes she doesn't have a baby when she's a teenager and not ready to be a mom yet. I hope so too, Stella. Know that I will give you, and your sister, the tools of self-esteem, family support, unconditional love, and comprehensive sexuality education that will help you make better choices.


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