Friday, not so TGIF

Today might be Friday but it's not an end of the week celebration for me. Friday nights I work, and Saturday morning too. Plus this weekend is chaos weekend.
  • Brian and Stella fly to Wisconsin to retrieve our new-to-us-but-really-quite-old car that his parents are giving us (yeah in-laws, they are wonderful and generous and I love them.) Today we have to pack and get them to their shuttle. They started out complaining about packing but now are actually done, hooray!
  • Because Brian will be gone and I have to work, Sandis is going to a sleepover tonight.
  • Of course, she has soccer tomorrow and I have to work, so it gets more complicated. I got someone to cover part of my shift so I can get off, run to her sleepover and pick her up, then zip straight from there to soccer.
  • We wouldn't want it to be that easy though, so it's her day to bring snack for soccer! I have to somehow have cut up all the apples and oranges for halftime - but not too early, you know, because otherwise they'll be dried out. Oh, and keep the drinks chilled too.
  • Thankfully, I did work ahead and ran to the store during her practice yesterday to pick up the snack supplies (can you believe I remembered?!) Good thing too as I have no car today because Brian's broke down AGAIN last night.

After that, it gets easier. We don't have anything scheduled after soccer until Monday morning quasi-school (which Stella may or may not miss, depending on if she can tolerate driving straight through or not.) Sunday will be a wonderful Sandis & mommy day :)


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