Lest you think I'm trying to portray myself as perfect or that my parenting/homeschooling journey is all rainbows and unicorns and flowers, this is what I posted on Facebook today:

Shawn wants to throw away her children, especially the younger one. The whining and throwing of things has resulted in many trips to the bedroom to calm down (them, not me, so far.) Apparently nothing I've asked Stella to do today makes sense - including nouns, place value notation, not throwing scissors at her sister, and having to pick up her own toys. Sandis is just generally ornery and whiny today. Maybe I need a drink, it is after noon....

  • Stella, "I'm making a pile of all things stupid and hard. Cleaning isn't hard but it's in the stupidness pile."
  • Stella, "This math is to hard." Me, "that's not math, it's..." Stella, "it doesn't matter it's stupid"
  • Stella, all sugary sweet, "if I finish my school work, can we go to the store for m&ms?" Me, "if you can do your school work and chores without being a butt..." Stella, "nah, can't do that."

And I thought this video posted by my friend in response was hilarious!


  • Deanna | September 23, 2011 at 7:30 AM

    Sounds like my day...I caved and did reading lessons with wine this afternoon. It was, after all, after 5 and it kept me from throwing a child...

    All in the name of learning, I say.

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