Trying to organize

See while we are unschooly, I still crave order. Yes, it's mostly chaos but in an effort to make my life simpler, I created a document to organize what the kids (and family) do for each day. Things do tend to go better when they know what's on the agenda. Less whining to watch tv. I don't mind free play and exploration (in fact, I LOVE that) but I don't like vegging in front of the tv or computer or kids fighting with each other. And see, the schedule is flexible - we can fill in whatever there is to do! Tomorrow there is no schoolwork, only a field trip, hair feathers appt and a play. :)

We'll see how well it works/how long it lasts. Stella will hate it, I'm sure. Though she'll enjoy the highlighting.

Day: ______________________________________________________________________________

highlight completed items

Morning things

Brush teeth, comb hair, put on deodorant, get dressed, eat breakfast, feed/water dog



Clean kid stuff off kitchen table and floor

Pick up all kid stuff from living room and hall and put away

Straighten up bedroom



Feed/water dog

Do dishes

Get clothes for tomorrow

Last call for food at 9:00

Why yes, I do need to have on the list things such as 'put on deodorant.' Sad but true.


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