Today the girls both went to Girl Scouts, led by someone other than me, after which they had a playdate (thank you so very much, Deb!)  It was an afternoon to myself! So what did I do? Cleaned and organized bathrooms, of course.

Bathroom #1

I purchased, at Ross and the thrift store, a shelf that holds 5 candles, 4 stemless wine glasses and a vase.  I turned it into this:

That holds all the hair accessories and combs/brushes.  On the counter are a couple of candle holders with qtips and flossers.

Everything else if neatly put away in drawers or under the counter. 

I even managed to corral the man's bathroom reading.  What is it about men and reading in the bathroom anyway? I gave up fighting it after nearly 20 years and added this:

This is our main bathroom and it is rather small, but it now looks much more spacious with most everything OFF the counter top.

Now, if I had money, I would tear out the cabinet to put in a pedestal sink, get rid of the lovely yellow sink/toilet/tub for boring old white, and redo the lighting.  But for now, this is much better than it was and all done with ~$20 and some hard work.
Bathroom #2

This is the teeny tiny bathroom off our bedroom.  I never go in there and the kids had trashed it.  There were a dozen empty tp rolls if there was one.  A Harry Potter game on the floor.  Some lovely ruffled ribbon lying about (wtf?)  I cleaned up all the flotsam and applied some elbow grease.  Nothing spectacular in there, it's just clean, which is refreshing.

Nail Polish Rack

This got about 5 coats of paint today and as soon as I figure out where to hang it, I'll get a picture of it posted.

Next up? Well, here's the list of things bugging me most:

  1. plastic storage container lids 
    1. move these out of the two drawers they currently occupy.  Considering we have 3 regular drawers, 1 double deep drawer and one 1/2 wide drawer for our entire kitchen, this is HUGE.
    2. decide if these are going to live in containers on a shelf in the pantry, which would move some pantry supplies to racks on the pantry door OR the lids themselves would live on the racks on the pantry door.  I have the racks, they are not yet installed.  So basically, dealing with lids means dealing with the pantry.
    3. this will also involve pairing each lid with a container and doing away with stragglers
  2. top of fridge (potholders, lunch boxes and tea)
    1. potholders are going on hooks on the inside of cabinet doors
    2. lunch boxes and tea need to find a new home or at least be arranged neatly up there
  3. finish the girls' room
    1. I've got the closet done including toys and clothes but I need to finish organizing the stuff that didn't fit in the closet
    2. books - go through their books and weed out the ones we don't need
    3. add pet nets for the thousands of stuffed animals those two own
  4. books
    1. go through all our books and take another load to the used book store for credit.


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