I could have sworn I didn't have any teenage children

The child's age is 10, however, the sighs, the eye rolls, the drama, lead me to believe she's really a teenager.  This morning she cried non-stop for ~45min.  Why? Because her dad yelled, "Sandis!" when she wasn't listening to me tell her to get dressed because she was in a zombie, sleep-fog cloud.  She ran off to throw herself dramatically on my bed in an acting job that included realistic wailing and thrashing.  The wailing continued most of the way to quasi-school when she finally pulled herself together.  Yes, it's like having a 3 year old only she should know better.  Good grief.

She also has this snarky attitude that needs to find a new home.  It's that holier-than-thou routine with her sister, which is just ridiculous seeing as how we hold nothing holy around here.  Except maybe chocolate.  And alcohol.  But certainly not children.  Or deities.  She needs to get over herself.  Unfortunately, it takes many, many years to get over ones self and I'm sure she will no longer be under my roof when she figures it out. 

I guess I'll take comfort in the fact that MOST of the time she isn't like this.  And MOST of the time, she is very nice to be around.  She still likes to sit on my nap and snuggle.  She still comes to my bed on windy nights because she doesn't like to sleep alone when it's stormy. 

Growing up is hard no matter if you are the one doing the growing up or on the receiving end of the growing up.


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