The word for the week is...

...sick.  Both kids had a stomach bug that's going around.  Just barely recovered from that and now they've got the chicken pox.  Needless to say, that's occupied most of my time the last several days.  That and the dog's splint.  She got it changed.  She ate it off and got another.  The most recent one fell off and we have to go back tomorrow to get it put on yet again.  Sheesh.  Kids and dogs, dogs and kids, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em :)

So, with that going on, I am not thinking creatively and therefore today's blog post is a silly survey.  I like them and I don't have to think too hard. 

What do you put on hotdogs? Drag it through the garden
Do you say "anticlimatic" or "anticlimactic"? anticlimatic
Do you check flyers before grocery shopping? occasionally
Blue, black, or some other colour pen ink? black
Do you use your parking brake? yes
Look to your left. How many framed pictures are on the wall? zero, many behind me though
Do you know how to play chess? no, and not really interested either
How often do you clean the interior of your car? way too often because otherwise the layers in the backseat could teach the children archeology 
Do you ever read the last few pages first? no
Ever fallen in the shower? probably, I am fairly clumsy
Do you have a Snuggie? no
Are you allergic to anything? citrus and wheat
Do you have any TV shows on DVD? definitely, and more that I follow on Netflix
How many times do you hit the snooze button before finally getting out of bed? zero, I don't use snooze
What's your favourite freezie colour? ick
Are you a vegetarian? no
Do you have a garbage receptacle beside you? What's on top? no
Do you cross out your mistakes or erase/whiteout them? I backspace, myself ;)
Do you think that things will get better? it's what keeps me going
Do you have an unpopular opinion? What is it? Oh so many - homeschooling, unschooling, selective vax, extended breastfeeding, home birth, co-sleeping, feminism, Unitarian Universalism...of course, I have others with me in my weirdness so it's not lonely here.
What's your favourite quote? That's like picking a favorite book, can't do it.
Did you go to prom? yes, but who cares?
What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced? When my jaw was locked shut for a month and they gave me 2 shots of Novocaine and wrenched on it until it opened.  Worse than tearing my ACL and that was worse than childbirth, by far.
Have you ever legitimately saved a person's life? no
What's your favourite book genre? Fantasy
Did you like "Gigli"? Be honest. No idea what that is.
Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? no
Do dogs like you? of course!
Would you say that you project an air of authority? I can
Do people listen when you speak? In general, yes.  My children, not so much ;P
When was the last time you paid for music? I bought the Spamalot soundtrack last month
Are you addicted to technology? Yes, but I can go camping and escape from it all with no regrets.
Do you check your computer's dictionary for the definition of words you'd otherwise feel confident about using during in-person interactions? Just to be sure? No, but I look up words I don't know when I come across them.
How heavily to you rely on spellcheck and autocorrect? Spellcheck I use all the time, autocorrect I don't.  Have you seen
Do you pause movies/TV shows if you have to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, or do you just let them keep playing? Depends
If you use a regular alarm clock, do you have it set to music or that obnoxious beeping? It's actually my iTouch, but it beeps.
Do you pronounce "anti" as ant-eye or ant-ee? ant-eye
Do you pronounce "via" as vee-uh or vie-uh? vie-uh
How often do you forget to close your parentheses? rarely. And I always beat myself up about it when I do, just like grammar and spelling errors. 


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