How to do nothing

Today was a day to do nothing.  Our schedule was blank.  A blessed day of peace in the hectic run-around that is our lives.  For the most part, I did take advantage of the empty hours by NOT attempting to fill them up.

I started by sleeping late.  Well, sleeping late is not exactly true.  Sandis came to our bed last night around 11:30pm because it was windy.  Wind scares her and she can't sleep alone.  She can, however, fall asleep in 3.7 seconds in our bed. Go figure.  She proceeded to toss and turn and edge me out of bed all night long, not to mention somehow getting the bottom blanket off of both of us, wedging it between her and Brian, leaving the top blanket in place on her (and barely on me.)  It was not a restful, or warm, night.  The lovely night was followed by a morning of Stella waking up at 7am because the tooth fairy came.  She also wrote back to Stella which I had to read because it was written in cursive, sans glasses, sans being awake, at 7am.  It was written in pencil on red paper making it virtually impossible to read. Finally, I was able to send her away to the tv.  She came back at some point to tell me something about shooting dirty diapers that she had seen on Malcolm in the Middle (for the record, it's probably not advisable to let your kids watch this show if they are likely to repeat the things they do on there.  Just sayin'.)  Yes, that is EXACTLY something I NEED to be woken up for. Thank you for that helpful trivia, Stella!

Anyway, after all that, I did stay in bed until ~9:30am.  And when I got up, the girls were dressed with hair combed and teeth brushed.  A miracle! It started snowing soon after and they and the dogs went outside to play leaving me 45min or so of time that I completely wasted playing games on my iPod while moderately tolerable sitcoms from Netflix played in the background.  Yeah me!

Finally, the girls/dogs returned to the house and I roused myself to take a shower.  I reminded the girls they wanted to draw some pictures for some friends who had to put their pony down this week.  Then we did something useful and went to the store for a few essentials along with a card for our friends.  Card delivered, we headed to the library and checked out heaps of books.  We also stopped by the thrift store to snag the spice rack I had seen their a few days ago.  (I'm going to mount it in the girls room as a nail polish holder.)  Then it was back home to do nothing for awhile before Sandis & I headed out to History Comes Alive at the library.

Now we're back home, enjoying a quiet evening.  If "quiet" means "listening to girls cackle loudly as they take various Harry Potter quizzes on their computers." There's no fighting so it counts as quiet for me ;)


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