Siri the Omnipotent

Yesterday the children had my iPod and apparently had a LOT of fun with it.  Here are the searches I found:

  • Nothing Joe search on the web
  • dog
  • for 
  • ready data
  • Friday
  • cute animals
  • a creeper from mine craft
  • Wow I just travel back in time to dinosaur time are call
  • ...
  • We should go outside
  • sing poops
  • pray pray that blockbuster Lopane
  • Delete Salems
  • are there any games that I could schedule a meeting
  • come farted
  • pray pray the Black australopithecine net

I asked Sandis about some of the bizarre things I found.  

She claims they were playing with Siri.  Ah, Siri, that little voice in the iPod that I have completely ignored.  Apparently it is also the little voice in the iPod which both children think is the best. toy. ever.  While playing with the amazing Siri, "she" misinterpreted their words. According to Sandis, when this happened, Siri would start internet searches.  I am certainly glad that my children say things that can be misinterpreted as "pray pray that blockbuster Lopane."

Another thing Siri can do? Speak chicken.  It's true! Sandis & Stella BOTH told me this story, "I was holding Butterscotch and when she said, 'brrooock,' Siri thought she said the 'f-word!'"  

I think that is an apt description of what the chicken was probably saying while being toted around the yard by two cackling children shoving a sweetly-speaking rectangle in her face.  I'm sure it's what I would have been thinking in her situation.  Chickens, not surprisingly, have no filter from brain to beak and just blurt out whatever they are thinking.  Luckily, it's not often interpreted.  


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