After having a busy and eventful summer, not always in a good way, I declared last week "Walter Girls Family Fun Week."  Everyday we would do something fun that we'd been wanting to do but hadn't gotten around to doing or hadn't done as much as we would have liked.

Why last week? Well, it was the first time we weren't scheduled to the MAX this summer.  There was no violin.  No play practice.  No puppetry practice.  No soccer, camp, 4H.  Yes, there was still dance practice and therapy, but that was all we had to worry about.

Onward to FUN!

Monday was pottery painting.  Stella painted a triple pig bank, Sandis, a turkey complete with top hat, and myself, a butter dish

Really bad picture of mediocre pottery

Tuesday was bowling.  You know that "Kids Bowl Free" program? Yeah, this is probably the first time in 3 years or so we've used a coupon.  Of course you have to pay for shoe rentals.  And if you have my children, you also have to buy socks because they forgot to wear and/or bring any.

Wednesday we took the dogs to the river to play. This didn't last too long as it was cool that day so the girls soon got too cold for the river.

The dogs sporking.  Yes, spork is not only what Tonks *is* but also what she *does*

The children luring the dogs into the water with potato chips

Thursday we went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  There we saw Sharks 3D on IMAX followed by time in Expedition Health (for the millionth time) and the dioramas.  On the way home, we stopped and picked up our newest bunny, Radegast.

Surly pre-teenager reluctantly posing for a photograph

Guess what Stella found? Yep, poop.

Friday was movie day.  We saw Turbo at the $2 theater.  If you haven't seen it, save your money.  The only redeeming bit was that there was a Samuel L. Jackson snail.  Otherwise, just mix up Cars with any other feel-good, happy-ending Disney-esque movie, and you've got the gist of it.

It was quite relaxing to not have to think too much about where we had to be and what we should be doing for a week.  Of course, it wasn't completely relaxing because I still have manic girl and surly pre-teen.  Still, I think we should do this at least once a year from here on out!


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