Poop Stick


Not sure if this is the name of the mountain? Or just somewhere along the way.

Sunday Brian took Stella hiking up some mountain.  There was much discussion regarding which trail/mountain/route because Stella insisted they be able to take Tonks, therefore the trail must allow dogs.  They set out early notnearlysoearlyasplanned with the dog and two bags in case of dog poop.

Well Tonks, being a Spork (half spaz, half dork), doesn't like to drink on the trail, let alone use it as her bathroom.  She is all, "OMG that is so not my water dish from home! You are trying to trap my head in that popup water dish aren't you? AREN'T YOU!! What?! Drink out of the reservoir? I heard it's haunted.  With squid ghosts! Totally true, I saw it on the dog internet which runs constantly in my head.  Squirrel!"

Stella and Tonks, both probably thinking a mile a minute

Needless to say, Tonks rarely needs the poop bags, however, Stella did find some poop left by other less conscientious dog owners and picked it up with one of her bags.  She, however, did not want to hold it so she invented the "Poop Stick (trademark Stella, 2012)."  You put the poop bag on the end of a stick and carry it hobo style to the nearest trash receptacle.   

Stella brandishing what may or may not be the Poop Stick

Not to let it go at that, Stella has plans to expand the Poop Stick empire.  She wanted Brian to bring home the Poop Stick.  She would then whittle off all the bark (reason: because she likes to use her pocket knife.)  After that was complete, Brian was to wrap duct tape around one end for a handle.  She would then write "Poop Stick" on the taped end after which they would proceed to the trail head and hang the Poop Stick in a tree.  Her reasoning, "people leave the poop because they don't want to carry it but if they had a poop stick right there at the beginning of the trail, that would help.  They would think, 'I don't have to carry the bag of poop!' And seeing the poop stick would remind them to carry a bag too!"

No one try and steal this money making venture, it's all ours.

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