Blessings of Autumn

Even on a day when things go wrong or I have to work or my kid is insane, I can still take comfort in the fact that it is autumn.  On Monday, I had all of those things but it's fall and so I was enthralled with everything I saw.  Like:

  • Waves of yellow, oval leaves stirred up by cars were spinning and dancing across the roadway
  • Blazing Autumn Ash trees assaulting your eyes with their showy red and purple foliage.
  • Being in the sunshine and soaking it up rather than huddling in the shade wishing the sun would leave us
  • Imprints of leaves in the library parking lot.  It had rained recently and the leaves had been run over, sticking to the blacktop.  Now the leaves were gone but the outlines remained.
  • The sound of leaves falling, like rain.
  • Walking through drifts of leaves, kicking them as if I was a child again.
  • Our pile of pumpkins, gourds, squash, and yes, even a turnip.  Such a lovely sight to come home to.  Makes me smile every time :)


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