You know that one kid....

You know that one kid on every sports team?

The one with a horribly beat up ball that maybe should be retired but they always bring it? And the decrepit ball is never inflated properly either.  To the point where the coach asks this child if she's gotten her ball inflated yet and then does it for her, probably wondering how her parents could be so neglectful and unorganized as to have not even noticed the under-inflated, over-used piece of equipment their child drags around town.

And that kid probably wears stained and torn clothing to practice.  I'm sure because the parents don't take the time to care for their child properly.  They probably never launder clothing at their house or purchase new clothing when the old is outgrown.  That poor child probably makes do with 3 or 4 outfits, judging by what she wears to practice.  Sad, really.

And said child probably often doesn't have a water bottle or brings it only half full.  No parent to watch over the child and make sure they are properly hydrated.  No one to care what happens to her.

Of course, this would NOT be my child.  Oh no.  Because she has three different soccer balls, a pump to inflate it, her very own new water bottle, numerous articles of clothing.

Oh no, it wouldn't be her.


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