Doctor Who FTW!


Today during World Travelers class at quasi-school, Sandis had to work with a partner to match up 47 British words with their American equivalent.  She told me that they were able to correctly match up 40 of 47.  Why? From watching Doctor Who on Netflix.  Because of that show, she not only knows about kindness to all creatures, pacifism, time travel, regeneration, and now, British vocabulary.  From now on, all Doctor Who television watching is counting as school hours.

Deanna, if you are reading, I asked Sandis how World Travelers is going without Wild Child, seeing as how the two of them had that class together for several years.  Her only comment was, "weelllll, it's a lot quieter."  I must say I actually laughed out loud at that.  I hope you do as well :)

(and for those reading who don't know FTW = For The Win.  You're welcome.)


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