Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person? I'm not. My kids are not. Stella, the younger one, is less of a morning person than I am. I am definitely, firmly entrenched in night owlism. Yep, just made that up, but it's true. My natural rhythm is going to bed at 12-1am, getting up at 9am or so. The kids go to bed a bit earlier (in bed at 9:30-10pm where they read for awhile) but get up about the same time. If we stay up later, we sleep in later. It works.

And when we get up around 9am, I don't mean that we spring from our beds, quickly set about our morning grooming and feeding rituals and are ready to greet the day by 9:27am. I mean we roll out of bed, walk about in a daze, bump into the walls, wonder where food might be kept...you get the picture (not a pretty picture, mind you.)

All that to say, we are in the midst of a busy stretch where we don't get to sleep in as late as we want. Or laze about after we awake. Here's last Thursday (April 14) through next Monday (April 25)
Thursday - Archery, 10am
Friday - Capitol tour (Denver), 10am
Saturday - Girl Scout Try-it, 9am
Sunday - sleep, woohoo! (but only because we skipped church, but we're Unitarian so we can do that, guilt-free)
Monday - Options (as my friend Deanna calls it, quasi-school), 8:20am
Tuesday - RMNP, 10:30am
Wednesday - Presentation Day, 10am
Thursday - Archery, 10am
Friday - Girl Scout service project day, 11am
Saturday - Soccer, 7:45am
Sunday - Easter, hopefully they'll sleep in, they usually don't get up early just for holidays
Monday - Options, 8:20am

I know, none of these are THAT early, but it is early TO US. I know society is biased to towards morning people. Our time shift is thought of as lazy, unproductive, suitable for those with no ambition in life. But really, that isn't the case. We do just as much, just on a different schedule.

And THIS schedule is too early for us. After this rash of mornings not at our pace, Tues/Wed after that are going to be stay-at-home days. Well, besides Latin, soccer and group - but those are at reasonable hours ;)


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