What to do about Rome

The girls are taking a Latin class. They like the class and are really into the mythology aspect. Because of this I made up a Rome unit for them. I've spent a lot of time going over books and choosing what to share with them and how. Here's the basic outline:

    • Timeline (string and post-its)

    • Map of Rome then vs now (print Blackline maps)

    • Founding of Rome and the Romulus/Remus story

    • Who were they

      • Global Society/Retaining heritage and pride (like our country)

      • Holidays and Religion (make Janus for over doors)

      • Villas (make fresco, mosaic)

    • Political System

      • Money (make coins)

      • Classes/Citizens/Women

      • Family

        • Names

        • Virtues

        • Bulla (make bulla)

        • Larium (make larium)

        • Clothes (make tunic)

      • Education

      • Language

      • Books (make scroll, codex)

      • Medicine

      • Hours/Calendar (visit Gardens on Spring Creek sundial)

    • Cities

      • Architecture (make a pizza box forum)

      • Highways (make fairy garden with proper Roman road)

      • Water/Sewer (make aqueduct)

      • Entertainment

        • Colosseum

        • Theater

        • Circus maximus

        • games (make/play knucklebones)

    • Important sites today ?

    • Wars

      • Soldiers/Armies (do a penny battle, make a triumphal column)

    • Things the Romans invented/perfected

    • Fall of Rome

As you can see, there's a lot to it. And I'm not even going into major battles/leaders as I don't think they'd remember all that anyway. And I'm skipping religion because they already know a lot about the Roman/Greek Pantheon and the politics of the shift to Christianity is not going to interest them.

So the question is, do I wan to do this as a group or alone? It seems like a lot of work to do for just 2 girls. It would be no more work to do it for a handful of kids. But if it gets to be too many, then it would be more work. Here are the options, as I see it:
  • I could design a whole week of summer camp for kids around this theme. There are enough crafts to do ~3/day for 5 days!
  • Or I could design a Girl Scout Try-it. It could be for our group, or we could offer it for a small fee to other troops too (like the Mythology Try-it the girls just went to in CSprings.) They would do stations, learn various things and get a badge. Of course, we'd have to pare it down to 5 or 6 stations and 2-3 hours.
  • Or I could just do it with my girls.
What to do, what to do....


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