Unschooly weeks are the best!

So this busy week has been flying by without much of a hitch? True story! It's been an unschooly kind of week with lots of learning, my favorite kind of week. There was the quasi-school, junior rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park, Latin, soccer, presentation day (history of games), archery and, as always, lots of reading. Along with that, was math, spelling and some grammar. Tomorrow is all day Girl Scouts - service project for Animal House. I think that's a good amount of learning for a week!

I finally got around to getting our chemistry books printed. I bought the pdf version, but needed to get them printed up. With the half off for new customers, mimeo was much more reasonable than anything local. And seeing as how I don't mind waiting a week or two to start, I saved a bunch by choosing their longest timeline. I'm looking forward to starting it, it looks like fun and Amanda really loves it so it's got a good recommendation :)


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