What do we do? Want to do?

What on earth do we do all day?!

Well, we start by getting up late. Generally we're all awake and had breakfast by around 10am. Then it's on to spelling and math. Spelling because they want to do it and because they drive me crazy asking me to spell things. Math because I make them, for the most part. I don't think that there is much they are interested in at the moment that would take them beyond very basic math. Do we do this every day? Of course not! Probably 3 days a week, on a good week. Still, Stella is into 2nd grade math and 3rd grade spelling at age 7. Sandis would like you to think she is being tortured with hot pokers because she's doing 3rd grade math (in 3rd grade.)

What else do we do?

Educational shows on NetFlix, grammar, art, science, history, field trips, park day, playing outside, Latin class, soccer practice, archery, Girl Scouts...the list goes on.

What do I want to do?


- I am working on a Roman unit. I have plans for one about Vikings and another on Native Americans. These involve lots of crafts and cooking and hands-on activities. For the NAs, we'll go to Mesa Verde and Hovensweep too.

- We are going to do a weaving of the layers of rock at Arches and Canyonlands, where we visited lately. Then they are going to label the layers and write descriptions (maybe we'll type instead.)

- Book reports. I want them to start doing some book reports. Not because of reading or comprehension. They are both advanced readers and they talk about the books, so comprehension isn't a problem. It's going to be the first step towards writing paragraphs for Sandis.

- Science. We're going to be starting a science program that came highly recommended from my friend Amanda. We're going to start with chemistry and go from there. I just have to get my act together!

- More field trips and activities. Having a limited budget puts a damper on these things, unfortunately. As does the finite number of hours in a day, days in a week. But, I do value the learning that takes place when they experience things in person. That's how I'd like them to learn everything - in an unschooly, experiential way. Unfortunately, time, money and energy conflict with that. Still, we get out to many things and lust after many more :)

I'm sure I'll think of more things I'd like to do later, so stay tuned!


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