Teacher gifts

You would think that a homeschooling mom wouldn't need to worry about teacher gifts, other than for them self, but I do.

My kids do a one day per week homeschool enrichment program (quasi-school.) During that one day, each child has 6 classes. Remembering that I have 2 children, that means 12 teacher gifts. Well, not really as they have the same teacher for PE, Drama and Math Games, so only 9 teacher gifts. Plus the administrator. And her assistant. Ok, we're back up to 11.

Despite being a homeschooler, I know the rules of teacher gifts. No trinkets or coffee cups of which they already have thousands. Stick to consumables so they don't have to store it. Nothing with fragrance because you can't choose that for someone else. Stay away from school supplies because, really, who wants a gift that's for your job. In the past, we've done bedding plants, baked goods and chocolate bars, all with personalized wrappings. Looking for something new, I searched online for some clever ideas. Overwhelmingly the suggestions, from both teachers and parents, involved gift cards. Sorry, not happening. Even at $5 each, which would barely buy a cup of coffee mind you, that would be >$50 before even buying or making a card.

I realize that is the most useful gift. I realize that it is generic enough since you don't really know these people personally. It's just too much money. In a perfect world where I am rich, I would get each teacher a $10 Starbucks card or $20 Target card and be done with it. Unfortunately this is the real world and I'm far, far, FAR from rich (or even comfortable) and my appreciation will be in the form of a small but heart-felt token. And apparently one that I dream up myself since the online world isn't helping me out here.


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