Family Traditions

We are entering the season of family traditions. We have ones that span the year, of course, but most of them do tend to fall in the Hallowbirthdaymas season. I thought I'd just list them out so I could see that we really do have family traditions in amongst all the endless running about.

  • Buckhorn - our church's yearly retreat. Friday night-Sunday afternoon in the mountains with peace, solitude and friends.

  • Miller Farms - we have to go to the gleaning each year or the kids would revolt!
  • Pumpkin carving night at church - often called one of the UU High Holy Days
  • Halloween Organ Concert at CSU - after trick-or-treating, spooky music. It's wonderful.

I think this month is open. We do have 2 birthdays and T'giving, but nothing else really

  • Holiday Craft Extravaganza - at our church, there is an afternoon where kids race about making as many of the crafts as they can before time expires. Really, you'd think 3 hrs would be enough time, but it never is.
  • Christmas Eve - we go to our church's service and then get to open 1 present before bedtime.
  • WildLights - Each year we head out to the Denver zoo to see all of the lights. There are lights in the trees, lights in the shapes of animals, whole scenes of moving lights, snowflake lights, ornament lights. We love going down every year. (Yes, they call it Zoolights now, but I've been going for almost 20 years and I will NOT change what I call it! )

  • Rose Parade - I watch this every year and make the kids and Brian suffer through at least part of it with me.

  • Moab - This year will be the 2nd year we've ventured to Moab for a weekend for a race. Brian runs, we enjoy the time away from home and responsibilities

  • camping - at least 1 week-long trip and a couple weekends in the mountains. We've been to Yellowstone, Thermopolis, Moab, South Dakota. Where will we go this year?
  • Fourth of July - Fireworks are a must!

  • Family night - Saturday night we rotate whose turn it is to choose what is for dinner, dessert and an activity. This is the only time, other than holidays, when we have dessert. We've gotten away from family night and we need to return. We've done fun things from making puzzles to ice skating to a movie. And if it's Sandis' turn to choose, you can bet we're having either pizza or tacos with ice cream for dessert!


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