What does a mom do with her time?

I'm sure there are those who wonder what people do with their time. After all, there are people who work 40hrs a week, volunteer, pick up kids, cook, clean and run marathons all while looking like this:

Me, not so much. I look more like this:

So what is it I do to get that lovely look?

  • The usual stay-at-home, homeschooling mom thing where I try and raise decent human beings.
  • Traipse these somewhat decent humans (they are a work in progress, remember) to soccer (practices and games), quasi-school, therapy (both individual and group), girl scouts (2 different troops), uncountable field trips (avg about 1/week), playdates, library enrichment programs (yes, about 1/week with those too), church school and social events. I'm sure there are more but you'll have to forgive my addled brain for not being able to think of them all. Brian does help with these when I have to work but the majority are my responsibility.
  • Work outside the home for ~20hrs/wk. This is the ONLY thing on this list for which I am paid. Not paid well, mind you, but paid
  • Work as registrar for our church's weekend retreat in September (~40hrs total/yr)
  • Be the Brownie leader for the younger one's Girl Scout troop (not sure how many hours yet, but figure at least 5 per meeting, not including the 2 hr meeting time. 2 meetings a month, 2 big gatherings/yr)
  • Co-Facilitate Our Whole Lives for 8th graders at our church (2 hrs per session plus prep time, once a week for 3-4months plus 3 Saturdays at 4/hrs per session.)
  • Cooking? Nah, hubby does that :)
  • Cleaning? Yes, I really do this even though, sadly, it doesn't look like it.
  • Make-up, hair care, other personal grooming? Working out? Ok sorry, had to take a break for the hysterical laughter to subside. Yeah, I take a shower and comb my hair. Almost daily.
  • Yard work? Not so much anymore :( Brian gets most of this on his plate now and he doesn't do as much as I'd like with the flowers and bushes.
  • Sleep? YES!!!! I need 9hrs a night to not be a raving bitch, so I try and make that a priority.
  • Bills. I'm pretty much in charge of the finances, though I HATE that I have that role. I am not very good at it (I'm an entomologist for cripes sake!) and it stresses me out.
  • Appointments. If the car needs fixing, the kids need to go to the dentist, the dog needs shots - I'm in charge. No one else to do it, believe me.
  • Reading. I HAVE to read. I take 30-60 minutes before I go to sleep and I read for pleasure. This is my time and no one can have it.
  • Knitting, internet, other things strictly for my sanity are done while I'm doing something for the kids or waiting for them. For instance, I'm typing this right now as they watch their Math-U-See videos. I've had to stop multiple times to referee arguments, be sure the hot chocolate stays in the kitchen and explain why microwaved marshmallows are not an appropriate breakfast.

As you can see, I keep busy. If you saw my Google calendar, it would scare you. It scares me! So if you happen to see me relaxing, reading, knitting...basically doing nothing, please know that I earned it.

And no matter how much or how little you think you do, you've earned your breaks too. Take them, savor them, enjoy them. No guilt. You deserve them.


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