I need an "I survived Stella" t-shirt.

Started with a house that the kids had messed up last night while I was working after I expressly told them to keep it the same as I had it. Lots of whining and yelling about having to put their stuff away.

There was over-reacting to every tiny thing which involved screaming in a way that made my ears ring for 45min. Not kidding.

Then a girl scout meeting where she was extra hyper, to the point her peers were telling her to chill.

Follow that with a crying, screaming, kicking, throwing, not-staying-in-her-room fit that lasted well over an hour. Throwing her glasses, not staying in her room and shrieking in the ear splitting way were making me want to smack her. I didn't. Gold stars for today (yes, stars, I need more than one for that much restraint.)

I need the aforementioned t-shirt, a vacation with no kids, several beers and to get laid. Not necessarily in that order. That might be enough to get me back to normal.


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