Miller Farm

Miller Farm is a favorite field trip every year. And when I say every year, I mean it - this is our fifth year so I took a 3 and 5 yr old on this excursion, crazy!

For those who haven't been - GO!!! It's so much fun. You and your 20 closest friends load up on a big trailer pulled by a tractor. They then take you to out to their vegetable fields. You get to pick potatoes, onions, corn (popcorn, sweet corn and colored harvest corn), carrots, cabbage and a pumpkin. Then you also get a couple more stops. Depending on the year, you can also get green beans, kohlrabi, leeks, beets, peppers and tomatoes.

After you've picked a bag full per person at each field (they provide the bags - either a plastic grocery sack or a potato sack), you head back to the play area. There are old tractors, cars and planes to climb on, a pyramid of hay, a pile of dirt, pedal cars, swing set, bouncy inflatable thing, tractor "train" ride and more. They even have a corn maze for those who didn't get enough of walking through corn fields while doing their graduate work ;)

For homeschoolers, all this costs $10/person. It can easily be a day's entertainment plus all the food. Worth the trip for me, especially to have the kids get a sense of where their vegetables come from and spend a day getting filthy!

Here are some pictures 2007-2011:


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