There should be an award for the most ridiculous, not-even-an-acronym, difficult to type, shortened version of a title for a really great program. If there was, NaNoWriMo would win. Seriously people, who came up with that? That's supposed to be easier/more memorable that National Novel Writers Month? If you don't like your name, come up with a slogan or something, not some nonsensical weirdness.

Still it's a great program that gets people writing. Pretty much everyone has heard of it, with the exception being my NPR loving husband (were you not paying attention that day, dear?) Many, many have participated. The library has a big push for it every year (he must not have read those emails or noticed the large signs there either.)

This year at least 1 of my daughters and I will be participating. Sandis is really excited about it and registered this morning. Her username involves a dog, her picture is dogs. The chances of her writing not involving a dog, well, Vegas wouldn't even touch those odds.

Stella, in typical Stella fashion, doesn't want to, then wants to, then doesn't want to participate yelling, "Don't you remember I said 'no?'" Yes, I do, child. I also remember you saying yes. She almost 2 weeks left to change her mind, repeatedly, depending on how the winds blow. The two prevailing winds being "I don't want to" and "is my sister getting to do something cool and I'm missing out."

I've been thinking about my story for years. For the last week or so I've been ruminating at bedtime, trying to form it into to a complete work. I don't know if I'll make the 50,000 words by the deadline, but I will do my best. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if I make it, the badge will be displayed proudly on this very blog for all to see.


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